Regarding the Leaked Armendariz Transcripts

Beatriz Armendariz

In their March 2011 (Issue #32) article "Economics Lecturer Under Investigation for Transcript Release" involving the release of 700 complete transcripts, in violation of the Data Protection Act of 1998, by Senior Lecturer in Economics Beatriz Armendariz, also known for The Economics of Microfinance, The UCL (University College London) newspaper Pi Media wrote:

"When Pi spoke to Professor Steffen Huck, who was unaware of the email [correspondence], he explained that Dr Armendariz 'convinced me that [Lewis] had never worked for her and had obtained the data fraudulently.' "

However, as the Pi article also discovered, no evidence for Dr. Armendariz' assertion existed and indeed all the evidence pointed exactly the opposite way. The story says: "In an email obtained by Pi dated the 27th of February, Dr. Armendariz writes to Lewis: 'Here are the 2004 and the 2005 graduates. All we need to do with these is to produce exactly (please: exactly) the same slides we produced for the 2006 and 2007 graduates. And we will take it from there.' "

In retrospect, I never should have accepted Beatriz Armendariz' request to help her analyze those very detailed, very personal transcripts, but anyone may request the entire email excerpted above to see for themselves how she convinced me to go along with this scheme. Just contact me on LinkedIn.

The transcripts are deleted from my server, following Professor Steffen Huck's request. I apologize to any students who didn't realize that Beatriz Armendariz was sending out 700 unencrypted transcripts and were concerned, following the Pi article, that these documents might be loose on the internet. (They aren't.) I apologize to University College London and to Steffen Huck for not bringing this to their attention earlier.

And, as described in the newspaper, I applaud UCL for using this opportunity to put steps in place to make sure that this doesn't happen again, and I also applaud the Massachusetts courts for issuing an arrest warrant. If you see Beatriz Armendariz in Massachusetts, please contact the Sheriff's office at (617) 547-1171.


PS Just for the record, the unauthorized transcript release only involved UCL. Beatriz Armendariz also says she is a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, but no transcripts were released from HBS. Also, it's not clear from Beatriz Armendariz' (now redacted) LinkedIn profile whether she still teaches there. Harvard Business School is of the opinion that she has never taught there.

The complete report is now available to UCL students and others. This is the report from Beatriz Armendariz on the overwhelming superiority of EU students vs. British ones, and the failure-to-thrive by other foreign economics students at UCL. Also available is the powerpoint presentation showing the statistics which are the basis for this conclusion.

These documents contain the UCL information I compiled (minus the confidential names of the students) and I have elected to waive my rights to them as the creator and instead place them in the public domain so that UCL students and others may view and learn from them.

Additionally, I am providing the response from Steffen Huck, economics department chair, disputing our conclusions.